About Us

Here at Fit4Medals we want to help people achieve their fitness goals and reward them along the way. We're all about people pulling together and helping each other get to where they want to be, in terms of fitness and the goals involved.

That's why we have a number of virtual challenges on offer for all ages, abilities and fitness levels, This means that there is something for everybody to take part in and have the chance to win a medal for their achievements.

So whether you're a newbie to the fitness scene, a seasoned pro or somebody just looking to make a change in their life in order to increase their fitness, we have a challenge that is suitable for you and you can race at your own pace!

Sign up now and see how we can help you reach your goals!!!


Our virtual challenges are events that you can sign up to each month. They give you the chance to set yourself an achievable goal to reach in your own time during the calendar month.


Once you complete the challenge, you will receive one of our fantastic medals to as a memento for the effort and hard work you have put in for the achievement.